What Is Treated

Are you in the right place?

As a parent you may not be sure what support or services may be helpful to you at this time. Many parents hear of their child’s challenges for the first time from the teacher or extended family members. Other parents have observed their child’s difficulties firsthand. Either way, it can be difficult to seek help for your child and family. Dr. Bliss works with you to get a full picture and deep understanding of your concerns throughout the assessment and collaborative treatment process. Dr. Bliss invites parents to be very involved whenever possible. Working together, solutions can be found that are backed by science.

While you do not need to know in advance what your child would benefit from, common concerns addressed include:

Selective Mutism

Social Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Fears & Phobias


School Avoidance

Depression and Sadness

Parenting Challenges

Sleep problems

Excessive Worry

Excessive Shyness

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

*For families outside of the Alberta Children’s Hospital catchment area